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Welcome to the 2017 Utility Working Conference Knowledge-base.

The information in this website represents the current state of our nuclear industry as of August 2017. The Conference featured industry-recognized leaders and experts in areas such as engineering, risk management, and work management. You should consider this site as a source of benchmarking in a bottle. The presentation materials and papers feature information that should be useful to you as you seek to improve the performance of your nuclear generation or research facility.

How to view contents of presentations

  1. You should have an ANS Web Account (the same one you used to register for the conference),
  2. Be logged into your ANS Web Account, and
  3. Have attended the 2017 Utility Working Conference and Vendor Technology Expo.

At the top right of the web page, you should see your ANS Web 'Account Name / My Account / Log Out', which shows you that you are logged in and can view contents of presentations.
If you see 'Log In / Create an Account' in the web page, you are not logged in. You need to click Log In or Create an Account to view the contents of presentations. The email you use in your account must be the same one you enter into the email upload input field.


  1. Click on side links: "Search Track & Session", "Search Track Day & Time", "Search By Title", "Search By Author", or "Search By Organization" and press the Submit button.
  2. Click on a presentation link to see the PDF presentation.

Pictures in flickr were taken by David Burghardt/Island Photography, at the conference.

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